Saturday, 30 January 2010

I've had the lucky fortune of working with the lovely people at the big Bandwidth Office doing Illustrations for their mixtapes and posters. Bandwidth is the home of great, local, independent, music videos. Featuring promos from A Plastic Rose, The Jane Bradfords, Dutch Schultz, General Fiasco, Panda Kopanda and others – Bandwidth also hosts awesome live concert footage and the now infamous ‘Bandwidth Sessions’: a series of lo-fi, live performances from our favourite acts who live in Belfast or just happen to be passing through. I get buns if I promote,he,he!

A Happy Place

Friday, 15 January 2010

In January 2010 ArtMart Studios, Sligo presented Happy Place. A chance for artists to submit an image of their happy place on a postcard. They have a website to keep the theme on-going as an interactive project. My happy place is no surprise to anyone who knows me well... smelling my hair. Dam it smells good.he,he!