Belfast Children's Festival

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Children's Festival took place in May through ten days of citywide events,with theatre,visual arts, music and dance from international artists celebrating the creativity of children. I was working for the last few months on a variety of workshops with community groups and artists creating artwork for the Festival Goes To The Waterworks at the Waterworks Park. A fab day was had by all so congrats to the organisers. Just wanted to stick up some pics of signs from a workshop I facilitated with the kids from the Events Management group from Recy. They were a great group. More info can be found at

Revista Gooo

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Revista Göoo is a publishing project for those who enjoy the visual arts and graphic. A diverse showcase of designers, illustrators and artists all over the world to delight the imagination. They publish four editions per year: two issues of Revista Göoo with a production of 7500 copies each; a book and an illustrated calendar, which both are special and limited editions. My work has been selected for Issue 9: Utopia.